About us

FZSONICK is a global leader in storage solutions using Sodium Metal Chloride (SMC) Technology .

FZSONICK manufactures and sales batteries for industrial applications dedicated both to backup solutions and to energy storage systems as well as to sustainable mobility solutions. FZSONICK offers a range of accessories dedicated to the optimization of management and performance.

FZSONICK offers after-sales Services and technical support to its customers through its direct branches and its authorized service centers around the world.

The peculiar characteristics of the FZSONICK battery make it a product that can be used in any climatic condition, free from risks of fire, explosion and release of harmful gases, long-lasting and completely recyclable at the end of life without additional disposal charges.

FZSONICK is the only battery safe in use and respectful of the environment.

FZSONICK believes that the constant search for excellence in their direct activities, working in partnership with their suppliers and listening constantly to market needs are the ways in which to obtain from their products adequate services to fully satisfy the customer needs.

FZSONICK is the battery that contributes to improving the quality of the environment in which we live.