Use of cookies uses cookies to improve navigation for website users. Cookies are small text files, that the website sends to the user´s device. Thanks to cookies, the website can authenticate the user´s device and, therefore, memorise it. However, cookies are not able to read user´s personal data on the electronic device; they only enable the computer memory, so that the website can identify it and help the user navigate more efficiently.

Users have the possibility of managing their cookies by changing settings in their browser. However, disabling cookies may prevent users from using specific parts of the website.

Cookies can be used to improve navigation quality:

  • They allow the user to navigate more efficiently from one page to another page of the website;
  • Login information is stored in a cookies, so the user doesn´t need to re-enter the same authentication information over and over during the same session;
  • They enable websites to monitor users’ habits with the aim of improving their browsing experience and the services provided;
  • They are used to send targeted advertisements according to users’ interests.

There are different types of cookies. The following cookies categories are those that can be used by our website. Here you can find a brief description.

Technical cookies

They allow some website areas to work properly. Without these cookies, the website or some part of it may not work correctly. That´s the main reason why they are used. This type of cookies is always sent from our domain and, by law, users cannot delete them.

Analytics Cookies

They are used to collect information on how visitors move around the website. Information is used for statistical purposes, to improve the website experience or make it easier for the visitor to use the website. They are also used to monitor the correct functioning of the website. This type of cookies stores information on users’ activities, on how they get to the website and the pages they visit. This is always performed anonymously. These cookies are sent from the same website or from domains of third parties.

Third party cookies

They are used to collect information on users’ habits, like the webpages they visit, their permanence time, traffic origin and other information that can help build customised marketing campaigns. These cookies are sent from third parties domains, outside our website.

Cookies to integrate products and services from third parties

This type of cookies integrates services performed by third parties inside our website, like icons or preferences from social networks, with the aim of sharing site contents and software services provided by third parties (e.g. software to create maps). They are sent from domains of third parties and from partner websites, whose services appear on our website pages.

Profiling cookies

They are used to track the visitor’s habits and create a single profile. This profiling activity is done to send targeted ads, according to users’ preferences, monitored on the website.